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Flower bulbs & plant concepts

Verver Export has an extensive assortment of spring and summer flowering bulbs. Our customers throughout Europe use this assortment to create the most beautiful plantings in parks and public green spaces.

Flower bulbs

Verver Export designs, creates and supplies carefully conceived flower bulb concepts, often combined with annual or perennial plants, to enhance public plantings throughout Europe. With an extensive range of spring and summer flowering bulbs and extra attention for quality (large bulbs!), durability and insect friendliness.

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Bekijk de bloembollen van Verver Export uit Heerhugowaard

Mechanical Planting

Large areas with lots of colour

Planting bulbs with a machine is the perfect way to create colour over a large area. Mechanical planting offers a substantial saving by removing the labour cost for planting the bulbs. It also gives your public green space a quality boost which benefits the environment, the residents and insect life.

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Flower bulbs combined with pre-cultivated bulbs, annuals or perennials. The aim is to offer the longest and most diverse flowering period possible, year-round attractive planting and an increase in biodiversity. That is what Verver Export’s concepts stand for.

Summer Trams

Bekijk de Zomer Trams van Verver Export uit Heerhugowaard

Ready-made summer planting, blooming all summer long

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Tram Robuste

Bekijk de Tram Robuste van Verver Export uit Heerhugowaard

Robust, salt-resistant and low-maintenance perennials

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Tram Vivas

Bekijk de Tram Vivas van Verver Export uit Heerhugowaard

Sustainable, green and colourful perennial concepts

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Bee Wise

Bekijk de Bee Wise van Verver Export uit Heerhugowaard

Flower bulbs increase biodiversity

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& Events

Find out about flower bulbs and planting concepts in public green spaces. We regularly publish background information, maintenance tips or funny news from the industry.

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Next event

Here you can find the planning of our activities. Not only do we organise the annual Verver Export spring events ourselves, but we can also be found at various events, trade fairs and conferences.

Webinar Sustainable Public Green (CZ/SK):
– Wednesday 19 January, 11.00h – 12.00h

Spring event Skien (NO):
– Tuesday 10 May

Spring Festival Skövde (SE):
– Thursday 12 May

Directeur Tijmen Verver. Foto door Peter van Aalst.

Experts in flower bulbs

and (perennial) plants for public plantings

Verver Export was founded in Heiloo in 1957 by Nicolaas Verver with as its core activity the traditional export of flowering bulbs to cut flower traders in the United Kingdom.

In 1988 his son Tijmen Verver joined the business. A restructuring of the business activities took place under his leadership. The focus shifted to exporting flowering bulbs for use in public green spaces and parks. Our vision is to enrich and enhance your environment with the aid of our products, plant concepts and knowledge of public planting. Our passion!


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