Summer flowering bulbs

Dahlias are rewarding plants: the better they’re cared for, the more they will thank you with vigorous growth and extravagant flowering. Dahlias can grow in any type of soil, which makes things easy. What is important is that the soil is nutrient-rich and well-draining but not too dry, and especially that they get lots of light. Dahlias are very suitable as an individual planting as well as a mixture.

Verver Export’s catalogue features a uniquely large range of tubers. Not only dahlias, also the gladiolus, lily, Begonia, Zantedeschia, Canna and much more!

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Special Collection – biological dahlias

Single-flowered dahlias were unpopular with dahlia breeders for many years. They were very carefully removed from the breeding beds. But Tijmen Verver has chosen to include these new creations in the range (Alpha-Zulu series) because they are of interest to insects that feed on nectar and pollen for months. And since they are biological dahlias; guaranteed to have been cultivated without crop protection products or artificial fertiliser, and bear the SKAL quality mark. These are particularly interesting for projects which are intended to stimulate biodiversity.

Special Collection – Organic Dahlias

Quick start – forced in the pot

Verver Export has a unique range of potted summer bulbs. These plants have been forced in a greenhouse and have already been topped once so that you get strong plants with lots of flowers. As soon as the risk of frost passes in mid-May we deliver the pots with around 30 cm of green foliage, so that your flower bed or container is filled straightaway.

The first flowers developed after just a few weeks, and the first buds in the case of dahlias. By combining forced summer bulbs with annuals that show a lot of colour early in the summer you can create a nice balance with plenty of flowers from early summer through the first frosts.

Pre cultivated summer bulbs


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The effect of summer bulbs in green spaces is often underestimated. With just a few bulbs and tubers, you can create a wonderful surprise effect throughout the summer. Summer-flowering bulbs are also excellent for combining with annuals in summer beds and containers.

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