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1 – Preamble

These terms of sale and delivery, in line with the professional regulations and national and international practices, expressly apply to all our sales if no other specific agreement had been made, and particular to sales to resellers, market gardeners, flower growers, plant growers, collectives and associations (non-exhaustive list, subject to change). Placing an order with our company implies acceptance of these terms of sale or of the terms specified on any other commercial document issued by our company.

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2 – Prices

The prices are set in EURO (€) excluding sales tax. The calculation of the sales tax and the delivery costs may be specified on the final page of our order forms. The total prices after calculation including all taxes as specified on our order forms are only conditional.

Our prices and the delivery costs are reassessed annually.

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3 – Orders

Ordering natural products implies acceptance of the conditions and results of the production. In the event of a setback in production observed during harvesting or any other irreparable damage to the product, contact will be made for all pre-orders in order to resolve the unforeseen occurrence. Various options may be proposed: replacement of the product(s) in question with one or more replacements; a partial discount on the amount of the invoice; waiver of the invoice if it relates to the entirety of the products.

For orders placed during the season, replacements will be proposed for the products that are not available or are sold out. No compensation can therefore be requested if a purchase order is sent in accordance with the price quote or the order confirmation. Sending an official purchase order, regardless of whether or not the replacement has actually been examined and whether or not the name of the species of the replacement is specified on the purchase order, constitutes acceptance of the replacement.

Any cancellation of an order for plants within less than 15 calendar days before the scheduled delivery date will entitle our company to a payment of 50% of the value of the order to be charged.

Matters dealt with by our technical/sales staff, representatives or employees on site are only binding following confirmation by our company by means of an order confirmation.

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4 – Force majeure

The orders will be executed except in the event of force majeure. Force measure includes the following (non-exhaustive example): war, strikes, fire and accidents that have taken place at one or more businesses that operate in the production and distribution of the products offered by our company.

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5 – Packaging

Our products are delivered packaged. The plastic crates in which our bulbs may be delivered can be collected on request. The collection requires good collaboration by both parties.

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6 – Shipping and risks

Our products are natural products, and their transportation from our production department to the customer can therefore give rise to certain risks.

The appearance and health of our products are carefully checked and inspected before preparing the order, before packing and before being handed over to the carrier who provides us with the waybill.

We ask our customers:

  • To check the delivered goods before issuing a receipt to the deliverer.
  • Not to accept the goods until you have been assured of their good condition, a correct match between the notified weight and the weight of the goods received, and you have checked that the verification marks on the packaging are intact.
  • To record the problems on the carrier’s delivery note with regard to: possible damage, loss, delay in delivery etc. These complaints must be confirmed to the carrier within 48 hours by registered letter with proof of receipt and with a copy to our company in order to receive any compensation.

We will remain available for customers to support their complaint and help them with the formalities.

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7 – Retention of title

We retain title to the delivered goods until full payment of the payable invoice.

The buyer may sell the delivered goods within its normal business activities. But it may not pledge them or assign ownership as a guarantee. The permission for sale will be automatically retracted if payment is not made. In the event of seizure or any other intervention by a third party, the buyer must notify us immediately.

Despite the application of this retention of title, any risk such as the loss or destruction of the goods will be borne by the buyer from the moment of their delivery.

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8 – Complaints, guarantees and liability

The results achieved are not only dependent on the species and the quality of bulbs, but also other factors of various levels of complexity which are sometimes difficult or impossible to foresee and predict. The difference in results can depend on treatment before planting, the location of planting in Europe, the environment, the agronomic and climatological conditions, etc.

The recommendations and suggestions offered in our newsletters, leaflets and catalogues and from our sales representatives are merely indicative and therefore do not constitute a crop guarantee.

In view of the nature of the sold products, our responsibility in the event of acknowledged and established error(s) in terms of genuineness, purity of breeding, generative power or resistance to diseases as yet unknown will never exceed the value of the delivered goods in question or the amount of the cost of returning them.

The specified colours, shades and growth cycle are provided for information purposes, and are not contractual. However, we will carefully investigate every complaint that we receive for any error on our part, and when necessary we will not refuse to replace or refund part or all of the goods in question.

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9 – Complaint period

Every complaint relating to the appearance, genuineness or purity of breeding of the ordered and delivered products must be submitted within 10 days of the goods’ arrival.

Following this period the orders will be deemed to be accepted and can no longer be returned or form the subject of a complaint.

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10 – Payment

Our invoices are generally sent 7 days after dispatch of the order, and they should be paid within 30 days of receipt.

Our invoices can be paid by:

Our bank details with ABN-AMRO

IBAN: NL44 ABNA 0589 3137 62
Account number:

Cheques will be refused at all times.

In the absence of a previous trading relationship, we must request bank references, or deliver the order after receipt of payment of the invoice, or ask for a down payment of 25% of the invoice amount.

Customers who fail to respect the payment period and/or who have been subject to a debt recovery process in the past will only be supplied after paying the balance of their account and possibly after payment in full for the new orders.

In the event of problems or the inability to pay, the buyer must contact us in order to agree a new payment schedule with payment deadlines in consultation with our accounts department.

If we agree to a significantly longer payment period, we reserve the right to charge interest at 15%.

The payment and debt recovery date can be specified on each invoice. This will also be notified to the buyer by e-mail.

In the event of delayed payment, the presentation of a bill of exchange or a cheque will not constitute payment, but the payment of the amount due by the agreed payment deadline.

Any delay with the payment at the time of the payment deadline can:

  • Result in notice of default;
  • Make the entire debt payable immediately;
  • Force us to initiate a debt recovery process;
  • Automatic result in damages of 15% of the unpaid amount as a penalty clause;
  • Permit us to terminate current contracts and orders without prejudice to any other form of action.

We will then be relieved of all our obligations.

Bank and debt recovery costs resulting from extension of the payment deadline will be borne by the customer.

We reserve the right to bring injunction proceedings for the immediate return of the products and for payment of all other damages. This may relate not only to the order in question, but also all earlier unpaid orders that have been delivered in full or in part, regardless of whether their payment deadline has passed or not.

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11 – Disputes

All our sales are made subject to the specified terms, and placing an order with or without an order form implies acceptance thereof. In the event of a dispute the court petitioned by our company will be recognised as having exclusive jurisdiction.

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12 – Copyright

© All images are subject to copyright and cannot be used by any party for commercial and also non-commercial purposes.

The close-up images of the cultivars that Verver Export uses in its catalogs, advertisements, website and other communication are owned by the company Visions. We can use it freely in all our communications, which has been bought off by means of a contract.

Our relations may only use these images without a license in the form of a flower card (with Verver Export logo and species name) like:

  • POS material / merchandise
  • online in case they are used for promotional purposes only, the use in a web shop is not included and is not allowed.

The flower card photos (with Verver Export logo and species name) may be used to sell our products online for a paid license of € 250 per URL per year. For this, a contract with Visions B.V. must be concluded.

If your order amount at Verver Export passes the € 10.000 limit, Verver Export will take care of the costs for the online sales license (flower card) for one year.

All other use (commercial or not) is not permitted.

Our business relations may only use these images as a printed product card on market goods. All other use (including internet), commercial or not, is prohibited.

To prevent the improper use of their images, Visions has built a highly advanced online search engine that allows them to locate all of their photos. In case photos are found that have been used without a contract or price agreement, one can expect the bill. This is completely out of Verver Export’s control as it concerns Vision’s images. We do not mediate.

In addition to the cultivar photos, we also use mixture photos from Visions B.V. The photos of our own mixtures and concepts are owned by Verver Export. Permission must be requested for both use.

If it concerns images of Visions B.V. , this is done through a paid subscription (more info: pictures@visionspictures.com).

If it concerns images of Verver Export, the source and / or use of a watermark of the Verver Export logo in the photo is mandatory.

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