A wide range of ready-to-use bedding plants with dynamic growth and flowering. The planting will continue to amaze you and local residents all summer long. Combination of summer-flowering bulbs, supllied in pots, with annual plants. Available in the most fantastic colour combinations.

BEE WISE © – Flower bulbs for insects!

Hand out flower bulbs for pollinators among your citizens with our Box Bee Wise! A good way to help beautify your environment and develop natural spaces. And the insects will also thank you!

The pollinators
Bulbs that bloom throughout the summer provide a host of flowers for foraging insects.
A pollinator is an animal that carries pollen between flowers as it travels around. The number and diversity of pollinators strongly influences plant diversity and vice versa, and the loss of diversity among pollinators can threaten the sustainability of plant communities.

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The (Neighbourhood) Picking Garden

The Picking Garden has a community role. It is a place where neighbours can meet, even if they don’t like gardening. The Picking Garden contributes to social cohesion in the neighbourhood and has ecological and social added value.

With the following summer picking garden packages, you will contribute to nature in the neighbourhood, social cohesion and you can use the proceeds of the flowers for the volunteers and the neighbourhood.

Action for you as a green manager

  • Provide sites on council land
  • Find volunteers for management and knowledge transfer
  • Assist with basic facilities such as equipment & water.

Volunteer tasks

  • Maintain one or two flowerbeds throughout the season;
  • Available on a few Sundays for odd jobs and/or sales;
  • Participates in the watering schedule during dry spells;
  • Join weed-and-wine evenings with the other volunteers;
  • Get to know new people and gain/exchange gardening knowledge;
  • Arrange most of the work yourself at a time of your choosing.
  • Pack picking pleasure
  • Pack picking pleasure
  • Pack picking pleasure