Vitamin G(reen)

The call for an integral sustainably designed outdoor space with more biodiversity is getting louder and louder. The application of sustainable plants, materials and products is part of making urban living areas more sustainable in the future.


  1. Converts CO² into O²
  2. Filters fine dust
  3. Prevents urban heating
  4. Prevents dehydration
  5. Increases biodiversity
  6. Has a positive effect on our health
  7. Dampens noise
  8. Increases the value of our heritage
  9. Promotes social cohesion in neighbourhoods, with parks as places to meet and relax

Sustainable and perennial

Sustainability has always been very important to Verver Export. Some of our flower bulb mixtures are perennial. Planting with the machine is always an investment for 3 to 12 years and also saves staff, reduces maintenance and increases biodiversity. The philosophy of our creative team is also focused on the future and thus sustainability.

Naturalising flower bulbs are extremely durable: plant once and the wind and insects do the (multiplying) work. A dedicated catalog has been designed for this special category of spring flowering bulbs: Naturally Special.

From a sustainability perspective, Verver Export has developed various concepts of naturalizing bulbs in combination with perennial seeds. Ask your local dealer or agent about the possibilities!

And then there are the concepts where flower bulbs with perennials are combined with the aim of creating durable, robust and colorful plant areas: Tram Robuste  and Tram Vivas.

Ecological Flower Bulbs

The regulations for organic production consists of European legislation, Dutch legislation and regulations Skal. The core of this legislation is that organic production and the indications on the product must meet certain requirements, and monitoring takes place.

In the Netherlands, this monitoring takes place by Skal. Our Ecological Bulbs are produced by growers that are registered as SKAL grower and are registered under the Stichting EKO-keurmerk.

The environment

We are not alone in the world, quite the opposite. Therefore, we should concern about our environment.

As for our production, we are guided by the agreement “Production and the Environment” between the Dutch flower bulb producers and the Dutch government. Aim is to reduce the use of pesticides and to protect the environment within the production areas. In this way get more flora and fauna habitat.

In terms of product handling, we are working to develop new techniques that allow a more sustainable treatment. Thus, we buy, for example, all our electricity from green producers. The waste product of our company is sorted. We even compost all organic waste to reuse these in the flower bulb production.

Since 2007, we also offer a flower bulb range from organic farming. This range is identified by the EKO logo.


The manufcaturer of the black crates and Netlon bags which Verver Export uses for packing their bulbs, has a valid ‘Der Grüne Punkt’ license which means they follow and obey the ‘Der Grüne Punkt’ regulations. This company is ISO 9001 certified as well. Based on these regulations, Verver Export will offer their customers to take back the packaging after use.

Socially concerned

Verver Export is socially involved and aims to donate part of the outlet proceeds to a charity with a social purpose every year. Examples of sponsored causes: Villa Joep, Stichting Hondenzorg en Welzijn, Het Vergeten Kind, De Gouden Dagen, Floating Doctors, The Style Foundation, Tim & Kim Village.

Local (sports) clubs and initiatives are also regularly sponsored, often in the form of flower bulbs or clothing. Although the focus is on export, we consider bonding with local people and public green spaces to be important. We also regularly provide (semi-sponsored) pilot plantings which are received with great enthusiasm.

In addition, we have been sponsoring clothing and footwear for Sigrid Reschke since September 2020. For the past three years, she has been making at least three rounds every week through various neighborhoods in Heerhugowaard to clean up waste, entirely voluntarily. Verver Export likes to support good initiatives, including Sigrid’s selfless commitment to public green spaces in Heerhugowaard, the home base of Verver Export.