Conceptual solutions

At Verver Export, we like to think in terms of solutions. In order to offer the most suitable solution for your public green space, we are happy to combine flower bulbs with pre-cultivated bulbs, annual or perennial plants.

These combined concepts offer great advantages:

  • long flowering period
  • diverse borders
  • increased biodiversity
  • attractive all year round


Summer Tram – a blooming creation all summer long!

Summer Trams are ready-made summer bed planting concepts from Verver Export: a combination of forced summer-flowering bulbs and annuals.

These concepts are supplied with a planting plan. No knowledge of plants required! During the first weeks you water and remove any weeds that appear. Within 4 to 6 weeks the planting is dense and weeds no longer have the chance to grow.

  • Ready-made summer bed

  • Dynamic and colourful planting

  • Delivered as soon as the risk of frost has passed (mid-May)

  • Long flowering period

Summer Trams

Tram Robuste – durable robust plantings

Tram Robuste concepts are created with robust plants that have been specially selected for more challenging locations after years of testing. An example would be traffic management green spaces.

Often you thereby opt for planting with 1 species or of a combination of a maximum of 3 species of plant in one concept. This form of planting can be eye-catching in terms of flower colour, but the planting must not be too colourful otherwise it is too distracting.

  • Robuste plants

  • Winter- hardy and disease-resistant

  • Closed vegetation within 1 year

  • Salt-resistant

A selection of fast-growing perennials with a collection of spring bulbs.

6 m² | 48 perennials | approx. 300 bulbs

Tram Robuste

Tram Vivas – durable colourful plantings

Tram Vivas concepts are aimed at enhancing and accentuating plantings. A concept consists of 72 perennials with a spring and summer-flowering bulb package for 9 m². Each concept is supplied with a planting plan.

  • Five different strong-growing perennials

  • Hardy and disease-resistant

  • Dense vegetation within 1 year

  • Highly decorative

  • Generous quantity of perennial flowering bulbs

  • Lifespan of perennial planting at least 5 years

The Verver Export catalogue with perennial & flowering bulb concepts provides more information to help you achieve durable, green and colourful plantings in public green spaces.

Tram Vivas

Bee Wise – increase biodversity

The Bee Wise concept contributes to more biodiversity in nature in the city / village / park. That is why a large part of the content of the concept is aimed at attracting bees and butterflies.

A healthy and varied landscape benefits the environment and is crucial for humans, pollinators, birds and animals. That is why Verver Export’s concepts pay increasing attention to diversity.

The mixtures, kits and trams that are especially attractive to bees and butterflies are highlighted with a Bee Wise stamp in our catalogues. This allows you to select and create an insect-friendly decoration of your public greenery in no time at all!



The right concept in the right place is essential for the success of our concepts in your public space. Do you have questions or do you need help in choosing the right interpretation? Then please contact our regional contact person.